Monday, October 1, 2012


I LOVE IT WHEN, a baby is born and has just arrived from Heaven. The way that they smell is Heavenly.                                                                             

I LOVE IT WHEN, a child finds something funny for the first time, and lets out a belly wrenching laugh.

I LOVE IT WHEN, I wake up in the morning and realize, GOD has given me another day.

I LOVED IT WHEN, I missed that car accident that should have killed me, only because an angel of GOD spoke too me.

I LOVE IT WHEN, someone who has harmed me, apologizes, and I forgive them. I know it is divinity.

I LOVE IT WHEN, I laugh so hard that my rib cage aches, and tears are flowing from my eyes uncontrollably.

I LOVE IT WHEN, you feel you're alone and can't share your problems with anyone, and GOD wipes away the tears.

I LOVE IT WHEN, things were going horribly wrong, but I kept the faith in GOD, and he delivered me.

I LOVE IT WHEN, deliverance comes with great abundance, and I've taken the time and resources to Honor GOD.

I LOVE IT WHEN, charity and compassion leads me to help, a child, a widow, a family, a friend, or stranger in need.

I WILL LOVE IT WHEN, I'm in a soaking tub with my soul mate, sharing a panoramic view with the fragrance of jasmine filling the Air.

I WILL LOVE IT WHEN, I can look into the window too her soul, and say to her, "baby its okay now. I'm here with You."

I WILL LOVE IT WHEN, I can hold her close to me, look into her eyes and tell her with a  kiss, "I LOVE YOU."

I WILL LOVE IT WHEN, we comprehend that we knew each other in Heaven, and have found each other on Earth.

I WILL LOVE IT WHEN, we can watch the snow fall from a window of our log cabin, and cuddle in front of the Fireplace.

I WILL LOVE IT WHEN, I see the realization of all my efforts, prayers, hopes and dreams, so that I can follow my true Passions.

I WILL LOVE IT WHEN, the world will fall down on its knees, and proclaim Jesus is Lord of Lords and King of Kings!

FAMILY, I LOVE THEM BECAUSE, with all of there idiosyncrasy's and squabble's, they are who I was assigned to help to bring balance, by way of Love.

FRIENDS, I LOVE THEM BECAUSE, they help to add to my memories in this Life that will go with me into eternity, because they helped, supported, comforted, brought joy to me, and loved me.

SKYDIVING, I LOVE IT BECAUSE, the experience of flying like a bird helps me in seeing the world from a different prospective, and its Heavenly. A life experience that many do not Live!

EARTHDAYS, I LOVE THEM BECAUSE, they remind us of how long its been since our first breath on Earth. Compared to time we are but a vapor, so we must use the precious time we have, Wisely!

THE SKY, I LOVE IT BECAUSE, when I watch the assemblage of stars at night, it humbles me, for GOD says that I am more important than all of them Combined!

THE EARTH, I LOVE IT BECAUSE, of the beauty, the majesty, and diversity of Life, and I contemplate the creation of GOD! And I realize that it is the Laws of Man that create most of the Problems!

LOVE, I LOVE BECAUSE, life is not worth the breath I take, if my heart, body and soul could not embrace what Love brings to the very character of my existence! To Love and Be Loved is of GOD,and a Life worth Living!

THIS MOMENT, I LOVE IT BECAUSE, the angels of GOD are here with me, and I understand how precious it is to Live, and to Love! To never be able to re-do this second of Life! To Love is of GOD the Holy Father!




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